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New News Kitten Litter

Fresh News Cat Cover is a non-allergenic, 3x more absorbent replacement of the clan kitten litter. It is additionally biodegradable once composted. This is the alternative for kitten lovers who wish to provide all their cats with a healthy and fresh environment. This litter has been analyzed and proven to be a great choice with regards to cats.

New News is made from 100% post-consumer recycled daily news from taking centers. It also runs a modern recycling system called PaperGator, which pays off non-profit establishments to collect reused paper. Refreshing News’ earth-friendly strategies make it a great choice for any green life style. It’s also absolutely free! The application lets you customize your personal supply.

Fresh Media cat litter is a good choice for the environment. Created from recycled magazine, it is almost dust-free and 100% eco-friendly. It also supplies exceptional smell control. The natural carbon in Fresh new News combined with Ammonia Locker Technology eliminates odours quickly. It is also 99% dust-free and non-allergenic. Fresh Media is a great option to traditional clay varieties.

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